Ken is a dynamic singer, songwriter, and musician
with his home in the Treasure Valley.

Ken’s preferred music styles are inspirational, contemporary, and religious music. He joins with other musicians in a variety of venues and services in the Boise area and is available to perform individually and with groups for events.

Ken’s musical background includes classical voice training, classical and folk guitar, as well as dramatic and light opera theatrical performances.

Mission: Ken’s musical mission is to share uplifting and inspirational songs that help to form our hearts and minds, and direct actions in our lives.


  • Ken is an active participant in the Catholic Christian community in Idaho, and is involved in Praise and Worship events, the Catholic mass, healing services, and retreat programs.
  • Ken has a keen interest in helping those affected by mental challenges including: those recovering from stroke; struggling with autism, dementia, Alzheimers, depression, anxiety, and other developmental or brain disorders.


  • Ken also has an active educational outreach to share the benefits of positive music and the risks of negative music in our lives.